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  • Oscar Sagastume
  • Storyteller
  • Joker
  • Heeeeeeyyyyy


Oscar is a Comedian always looking for stage time. He also MC’s major and minor events in LA and Las Vegas. He likes talking and making people laugh, it’s a problem.


An accomplished actor, Oscar can be seen all over the Internet ....most of the stuff is gross. Really you shouldn't be Google-ing him. He was down on his luck... DON"T JUDGE HIM.


Oscar embodies the Chinese curse of “living an interesting life” and the Guatemalan curse of “never being able to shut up about it.” His greatest accomplishment was purchasing a 1978 Skylark with stories of adventure.


Oscar is an award winning writer, just ask him about it. He is currently working on two books and is always hard at work on scripts for "projects" that are "in production."